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A food and travel blog in which I share my food and travel experiences by trying new flavors and exploring new places to see and eat. Hence the tag line of my blog says “SEEK AND EAT”. I call this experience “Trexplore” which means travel and explore and call my self “Trexplorer”. Sometimes its a restaurant, sometimes its a new place to travel and sometimes, both. My blog includes my experiences while traveling as well as trying a new restaurant in town. Few if my blogs also include some travel tips which I learned over time. Hence, it can be considered as a food and travel blog. For details, please read the blog page.

 Travel Experiences

Traveling experiences include exploring places in and out of my homeland. Whether it’s a trip to Malaysia or a road trip to Thar Desert on motorbikes; I have shared both of my experiences along with pictures.


Pinterest Malaysia TripUmrah 2017


Trail blazers Road trip Pinterest

Food Experiences



Food experiences mostly include trying new restaurants as well as suggesting places to eat which I have found to be good.






rice station pintrestchop chop wok pintrest


Food & Travel


There are few blogs that share both my food & travel experiences. Such as my short Hyderabad trip blog as well as my visit to Port Grand which is a visit to a carnival themed food street.




Port Grand KarachiRoad trip to Hyderabd pinterest